EYE AM radio 1134 khz Alkmaar middengolf

Verbeter je radio ontvangst met een simpel truukje
Watch video to improve your radio reception.
A simple cheap trick makes your portable radio more sensitive and improve the signal. You can use a piece of wire to create a cheap coupling coil.
Connect it to a LPAM, HF Ham or CB radio antenna
and you can hear very weak radio broadcast stations from a distance much louder.
Watch youtube video for more info.
A huge difference before and after.
Ham operators can use their 635, 160, 80, 40, 20, or 10 meter band ham for different frequency's antenna. (amateur radio)
In Alkmaar i use my vertical "Eye AM radio , 1134 khz " transmitter antenna to receive weak lpam medium wave radio stations in the Netherlands.
Yes, we have legal licenced "Low Power AM" radio stations 1, 50 or 100 watt PEP power on 25 frequencies in the Netherlands. :-)
Let me hear in the comments if this radio hack works for you.
Good luck.
Thumbs up if you like this easy trick. :-)
Koppelspoel met antenne om je ontvangst te verbeteren, middengolf radio. Schlockwood 200 lpam, 3 band audio processor.
Mfj deluxe versa antenna tuner II mfj 949. Twin-master TM-2-200 middengolf am zender.